I Quit Facebook – Pt.1

On April 5th of this year I posted a good-bye note to my FB friends to let everyone know I was going to be leaving FB. I had friends that just quit cold turkey without warning and I was contacted multiple times from mutual friends who were fearful something bad happened.

I was not leaving because of the data breaches and the irresponsible leadership of FB, but because of the mean things that I saw people post and the ignorance of some of my friends and acquaintances as they quickly shared a bunch of what my grandmother would call “hooey”. I found that all 625 people I watched on FB became a melting pot of content that was about 20% humor, 10% good causes, 30% family happenings, 30% memes promoting chuckles and a lot of ignorance, along with 10% mean spirited arguments that went unchecked. After you unfollow a lot of the 10% mean crowd and uninformed meme posters, you have about 40% ads coming through. The thrill and fun of FB had withered down to a lifeless, brain-sucking, energy-depleting waste of time and I was going to  put a stop to it.

I then wrote the following posting letting everyone know I was leaving the world called FB. It went like this:

Good-byes don’t come easy……but it’s going to be good-bye to FB. Ok, it’s a big day (at least it is in my little world over here in the hill country). After much thought and love of keeping up with my friends near and far, I have decided to leave FB in the very near future.

Even before the organized breach of data, the things I’ve seen popping up in my feed have been so disturbing that it makes me crazy. People posting mean things to each other, ignorant memes driving further and further a wedge between all of us. Immediate reactions to half stories and spreading content so false so quickly that absolute minds are created with a 10 second view and share. The data that is being used to manipulate the masses is extremely disturbing if not appalling. (Yes, I have friends in the tech world that have showed me many things that should give everyone pause as to what you are viewing online and how manipulated your content really is. )

Putting politics aside, we live in a great country that has so much potential, but there are forces of ignorance and blind commitments to ideologies that have morphed into a broken political system. I have found it makes me crazy to see it. (my dogs are tired of hearing me complain about it, so they told me to act on it)

Therefore I am going to leave this platform very soon and spend my flex time other places where I can research, learn and become a thinker once again. Life and society are complex, but we are all people who live on the planet trying to make our way. I fear the loss of civility and ability to work together is going to be the key factor in the disintegration of pretty much everything. I am going to go back to places where I can chew on more positive and enlightening content slowly like I’m at diner at a fine restaurant before I form any opinions. There are a lot of great things happening out there but it’s getting buried in the bad stuff made by bad people. I’m choosing differently.

With that thought, I am formulating my exit. I may loose track of your day to day lives, but hope that when really good stuff happens, someone on FB will call and tell me about it! LOL! If you want to stay in touch, I will let you know where I’ll be. Chewing on selected and varied ideas over a nice glass of wine.

That was on April 5th and I am still on FB.   Here came graduations, mother’s day, birthdays and death announcements, etc……. important things that I feel keep me connected with my online tribe.     So how do I do FB without sliding down the drain into the dark sewer of muck?     Not sure yet, but I will definitely be experimenting.

Posted by Kristi Curry

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