I Quite Facebook – Pt.2 – The Reaction

This is a followup on Part 1 – Quitting Facebook.

Right after I uploaded my “good-bye to Facebook” post, something happened that I didn’t predict.     My direct messaging inbox came alive with a lot of messages for request of contact information so that we wouldn’t “lose touch.”       My “friend peeps” wanted phone number and email so that we could contact each other.  (Some of these folks I haven’t had a direct exchange with in over 35 years.)   But now the idea that one of the herd was drifting off became  a sudden need to “not lose touch.”     People sent sweet messages, questions of why, many pleas to not quit and their contact information.

This reaction was totally left field.   I didn’t expect my friend peeps to respond like I was being sent off this world in one of Elon’s rockets only to never return.

The question that begged for my attention was “why was I starting to feel like I was truly a passenger leaving in a rocket?”    Where would I end up?     Who would I know there?  Was it not so bad and I was blowing it out of proportion?

My thought was that I would start this blog and write posts about things that mattered to me and maybe some of the tribe peeps  would have meaningful exchanges on chewy topics……..or not.

I have kicked off this blog to see if I could actually get it started.  Maybe one or two will be interested in this topic.    My guess is that there are a lot of people who are interested in leaving social media for the same reasons.   Their responses told me so.

This is my second post…. and I am still on Facebook.   What’s up with that?

Posted by Kristi Curry

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