I am a business owner, a bit of a nerd, a perpetual student, a teacher of sorts, an explorer, a mountain biker, a dog owner/animal lover, a nature enthusiast, a home owner,  a cook in the making (hopefully), a newbie gardener, a crafter, a compulsive picture taker and a lover of life (the good and the bad).

The skill of observation has been elusive most of my life.  After you hit a few of life’s road bumps, it helps to focus your gaze on things around you.  Plus the fact that I am in my 50s living in a retirement town where the median age is 68 doesn’t hurt.  You aren’t occupied 24/7 with the hub-bub of city life.  You tend to slow down and explore more, reflect more and write more.  It’s exactly what I needed.

The bumps I mentioned have been typical of anyone’s life.  My brain is in the middle of transitioning itself from a boring, academic, MBA business orientation to being more aware and living with the concept of an energy. It has been a horribly painful experience – one that I needed.  I think I am better now than I have ever been.  It’s made me more observant. It’s made me look at business, relationships and my insides with a more critical and friendlier eye.

My business is most everyone’s nightmare.  I deal with the subject of death and surviving the loss of a loved one every day.  I help people create plans with all their information so that if they become ill or when they die, they don’t leave a mess for their families. If they do meet their maker without a plan, I help families clean up the messes and survive the chaos.

It involves a lot of messy paperwork, details, project management, emotional navigation, knowledge of dying, knowledge of legal stuff, knowledge of financial stuff and having strong observation skills.  My friends think I am crazy because I love this type of work.

It combines my “MBAness” with my strong need for making a difference. I truly like people and I don’t care to see people suffer any more than they have to. Dying and illness are real events EVERYONE will have to go through.   I think I am a good tour guide in that area. After all, I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years.

On this journey in this business, I have had to find, create and apply solutions to so many random things.  From organizing and understanding personal finances, to funeral planning, to helping clients with technology, to passing along life hacks,  to understanding their TVs, to giving beauty and dating feedback – the  range is wide open. I pass along information I find relevant. It helps people survive and hopefully, begin to thrive.

That is why I love this business. No two cases are ever the same. It is challenging work, has direct impact on people and gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.   Being of service is my calling.

This transition from city girl to small town wanderer has been most rewarding. Hard, but most rewarding.   Sometimes the lessons, solutions, tips and hints can be of interest to someone so blog I must. I’m scratching that proverbial itch.

I have been told many times I should do more writing, so here I am.  There will probably be some misspellings in my articles (I blame the spell checker) and maybe some “Kristi” words here and there.    I write like I talk (which can detract from my message) but so be it.   Maybe with time I will get better.