I never set out to be an entrepreneur.  Both parents were lifelong employees with one of six kids venturing into the world of owning her own business.   So you can say, it was not “born” into me and I feel like it took me the first 10 years to really know a solid connection between my business and receiving payment from individual customers.   Sometimes it still feels a bit foreign, but it’s becoming more and more comfortable.     The internal dialog has been most interesting upon reflection!

My posts in this area will probably cover this journey from the inside out, the logistics of the business and successes and failures along the way.    It’s a wild ride just as I was told by the  people I interviewed when I thought about branching out on my own.   The parallel journey of personal life and the “e-life” has taken these two threads and started weaving a fabric with a design that has not been determined.     But go forth I shall,  explore these avenues I will, and hopefully keep the fear and anticipation in check.