Ahhhhhh… the finances.     The little thing that creates undertones in about every part of our life, but so many people don’t care to have a working knowledge of it.

Having graduated with an advanced degree in business, I am attuned the general workings of the financial world.     I worked in the financial advising business back in the 90s, what I call the “the wild wild west” days of finance.    I went through financial bootcamp, acquired all my licenses and I was off to the races of the financial world.  One would think with this type of education under my belt, this work would be like a second skin on me.   Only it wasn’t.    The ethical challenges were like nothing I had ever experienced and went against my proverbial grain.   It was not exactly what I pictured it to be.     I was not made of the fiber that it took to do that type of work.     But it did show me how much I liked working with clients, teaching them principles and planning.   Planning for the rainy day and goals were second nature.    The business was not.

So, after working for two major companies, I got bit by the tech bug.    This is where I really learned a lot about marketing, product development, sales management, managing engineering teams and projects, etc.   I absolutely LOVED the learning and the pay in tech made it a good fit for me for quite awhile.   Then, the lack of client interaction and actually making a difference started to play out like a persistent dialogue in my head between common sense and heart.   (I think they call that maturity.)

So what was a girl to do?     Well, that is foundation for my business, Survivorship Now LLC.   When I work with clients, our goal is to create a detailed plan for their families in case of illness or death.   Or, if a death has occurred, I work with the family to make sense of their finances, work through the craziness of settling the estate and then help them transition to a new life. I review all of their financial information and can see little things they need to “review with their advisor” if they have one.     Most clients have no clue what their budget is or should be once a month.     They don’t understand their insurance policies nor most of their investments.    I help them understand their finances and daily money management so that they will have a working knowledge of their financial situation.   I love it!

The posts on finances will be tales of financial experiences as I encounter them.   I am constantly a switchboard of financial information and hacks and I guess you could call this my medium for the switchboard.