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I Quit Facebook – Pt. 3 – I’m Still On It

This is a final note on how I didn’t quit Facebook.   It follows up on Part 1 and 2 of trying to let it go.  Read  Part 2  here.   I failed miserably at saying good-bye permanently.    Just like a typical social creature, I stayed on it because I live in a small town and TX and I am close to people who don’t live here.

My best friend lives a little 13 hour drive from here and has a lot going on and she is back on it posting too.      So to keep up with her and that awesome family, my friend who has a mom with Alzheimers, my other friend who has a new grand baby, a couple of new local business friends who I would like to know better, my family’s comings and goings, a friend who is going through health challenges and old work and friends that post things of humor and make me laugh – I am still here!

FB has shortened the distance that separates me from my tribe.     It allows me to not “lose touch”.   The craziness of FB got to me.   This political climate causing my friends on both sides to misplace their ability to think and succumb to the craziness we have been thrust into was just too much for this empath.  The lowest common denominator of emotion and blind commitment to ideologies created a cesspool of exchanges between my friends and strangers.  I had enough.

So in order to keep up with my tribe and the good that FB does bring, I had to restructure a few things:      I chose to unfollow a few folks, block ads, and finally unfriend 3 people who were absolutely vile in their exchanges.      I also limit my time online to check in on my tribe.

Going forward, I hope to only post things that help, are hopeful and that may make one ponder something bigger, maybe a few things happening in my world, and of course, the awesome animal and pet content that creates fuzzies.   It’s a good world out there and it is in a bit of turmoil.    FB is transactional and not transformational – I have to remember that.

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